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Was it the matching honeymoon tattoos in Ella or trying horse meat in Sapa? Or maybe it was Drew falling into a Moonstone mine shaft in Ahangama…

Every honeymoon is unique, there’s never a wrong place to start a life together. After seven months of marriage, Outdoor Junkiez founders Jane and Drew Farwell have finally decided to share all. Tune in for our Honeymoon inspired blog series that will take you on our month long adventure of tuk-tuks, veggie samosas, bahn mi’s, and junk boats.

How about Sri Lanka? Drew asked one night after our Netflix documentary (binge) ritual before bed. With the buzz of negative politics and no longer working late nights, we settled in quite comfortably to spending a handful of our evenings watching nature documentaries. In particular, Sri Lanka became a favorite for both of us. Yes, the animals drew us to this elusive island, with one of the largest Asian elephant population located on the island of Sri Lanka, along with the Sri Lankan leopard, throw in the quirky sloth bear and we were mesmerized.

Sri Lanka, a country which recently overcame a civil war due to ethnic tensions between the Buddhist Sinhalese majority and the Hindu Tamil minority is a country rich in history, religion, war, and natural disasters. The civil war in Sri Lanka cost the lives of an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 citizens and hundreds of thousands of civilians were displaced. In between the war ending May of 2009, Sri Lanka also faced one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history in 2004 with the Indian Ocean Tsunami.

As dark and bleak as this Sri Lanka’s past may seem, understanding a country’s history provides an insight to the current culture.

Next pick: Northern Vietnam. With Vietnam being a common place to visit for those who call Hawaii home, we absorbed as much knowledge as we could before hitting the Google search. Maps from the Gourley’s, best towns to visit, places to stay, and things we had to buy came flooding in.

Despite the hardships both Sri Lanka and Vietnam have faced, they also had one very important similarity- the kindest, most giving people we would soon meet.

Back to honeymoon options and what goes into choosing the right trip as newlyweds…we opted to backpack, and explore places we both had never been. Drew had already ventured to South America, and if you’ve ever been a patron at the bar we used to work at I’m sure you know every story by heart which usually begins with “Well there was this one time in South America where I was on a train…” As for myself, I had lived as a kid in Australia and lived in Germany during college, where I took advantage of the central location of Deutschland and traveled whenever I had a weekend free.

Going somewhere new to both of us for our honeymoon was important and we wanted to experience it together, for better or for worse. We decided to swing back and forth from the hostels to the nicer accommodations. On the agenda was to hike, surf, eat street food, try new beer, spend time in the jungle, rice patties, and the heart of the cities. We were really just playing into Drew’s Libra brain of balance in all aspects of life.

So there we were, drawn to the food, animals, affordability and the history of both Vietnam and Sri Lanka. It was time to figure out the rest of the honeymoon details. Many of which we had to figure out as we went, looking back it was the most eye opening trip I have ever been on.

(As for the featured photo, after several 50 cent beers, a 2 hour kayak trip can be extra challenging for the bladder. More on that trip to come…I know, you’re all incredibly excited.)

When you go with the flow you get a lot of unexpected honeymoon moments, here are our top 7

1. Getting Matching Tattoos
2. Drew tattooing me
3. Hanging out with an elephant all to ourselves
4. Both getting food poisoning from eating a bad egg, and watching Drew puke outside a police station in broad daylight
5. Holding a baby monkey
6. Drew falling into a Moonstone mine shaft (ok maybe we all saw this one coming)
7. Horse meat anyone? I said NEEEYYY but Drew dabbled.

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