98 Acres Cafe: A Sri Lankan Veggie Samosa Heaven

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98 Acres Resort, despite us not staying here, ends up earning it’s own little story because….their restaurant was that damn special.

So here we are, a little buzzed from our rationed portions of honeymoon travel weed, heading back from our mountain adventure.

It is at the fork in the road we see this sign “Cold Beer -> you’re only 500 meters away!” My God it was a sign. We veered right from the trail and followed the yellow brick road to what was the best spot to sip a Lion Stout and watch the sunset.

Yes, this was the first place we had a beer over 4%. The Lion Stout, the big brother of the easy to sip on Lion Lager, is 8.1% pure dark goodness. Think Maui Brewing Coconut Porter but sweeter, smoother, and in the middle of an exotic tea plantation.

Mix that in with an order of veggie samosas and we found ourselves in a euphoric state. (ok maybe the weed helped a little, don’t judge)

We were so happy we came across that couple at Jungle Beach and took them up on their advice to pit stop in Ella.

98 Acres, a resort hidden amongst the Sri Lankan tea plantations is aesthetically stunning and even comes with it’s own helipad. You get what you pay for, which is about $160 USD a night. Considering a weekday night, with Kamaaina rates (local) is around $300 at Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu, we were almost tempted to leave our Rockside Inn. But, when you’re traveling for a month, and are loyal patrons to your hippy abode, that amount can be happily stretched for a week.

However you can pretend you’re staying at the resort by being a patron to their restaurant, 98 Cafe. The rickety wooden deck, almost feels suspended in the trees and tea leaves. 98 Cafe is the perfect post hike, take your shoes off, and soak in the last rays of sunlight.

Nothing beats a cold stout after a hike. I can speak for both Drew and I, that this is a definite pit stop if you find yourself in Ella venturing around Little Adam’s Peak.

I mean…we went there twice in the 48 hours we were in Ella, ‘nuff said.




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