Here’s a little exchange from one of our newest Outdoor Junkiez ambassador couples, Alex and Lea. We knew they were a great fit for the Outdoor Junkiez team when we received this email from their recent excursion in Southeast Asia. Share if you’ve ever experienced this yourself or plan to in the future and keep posted for some selected shorts from Alex and Lea’s adventures. Enjoy the best email ever. – Drew


Woo woo!

Howzit drew?
Outdoor junkiez website looks great. Glad to be an ambassador with everyone. My favorite travel experience that I have wrote up is from Laos. I can’t access the files because I’m in Vietnam and my computer is in Bangkok. If you go to lea’s blog
Feel free to copy and paste the text and pictures.
As far as gear goes, that red linen shirt I was wearing was breezy and comfortable like walking amongst a herd of sheep on a cool summer day. It was bought for six dollars on the sidewalks of a crazy city called Bangkok. Four year old, salty, sun bleached board shorts always do the job. Reef slippahs are a great hiking companion that keep the feet free as a bird, and hold up against all kinds of tropical terrain.
Lea and I will get more to you some day. We just rode ostriches through a desert, so the adventures continue!
Keep up the good work chief,
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This bird goes?.

This bird flies

Alternative transportation, no petroleum necessary

Alternative transportation, no petroleum necessary

Stay tuned for more from Alex and Lea and if you have a story you want to share, read this and submit it to OutdoorJunkiez so we can share it with the community. Aloha and have a Happy 4th, Amurica.

Alex and Lea met in college at the University of Hawaii and immediately became a dynamic duo of adventurous shenanigans. They’ve explored the far reaches and waterfalls of the Hawaiian Islands and then turned their gaze on the lush jungles of Southeast Asia where they gave back some of their precious knowledge as international english teachers.alex and lea