You know what I’m talking about, there are those beers out there that just beg a smoky campfire, a makeshift beach cooler and a crisp cool triumphant crack at the summit. Here are a few beers we at Outdoor Junkiez have rigorously field tested and compiled to quench your outdoor liver.

(Disclaimer: We’re not claiming that these are always the best but they’re definitely a time tested compilation and make us feel good. Feel free to share your favorites or send us your reviews; photos and videos encouraged.)

Big Swell IPA – Maui Brewing Company – Maui, Hawaii, USA

This magically hoppy brew comes from one of Hawaii’s “true” breweries. With the difficulties facing any brewing operation in these remote isles in the Pacific, it is a true testament to this brewery’s will as it now expands its entire operation on Hawaii’s Valley Isle. I found this beer in college during industry night at Lulu’s and have had a school boy crush on it ever since. The hops, flavor and personal career paths may change slightly with the seasons, but this beer has always been my go to for a beach bonfire or pau hana. I love you Big Swell, there, I said it. – Drew

Corona Extra Pale Lager- Cervecera Modelo – Mexico

Ya, this beer may be considered a “sell-out” for you crafties out there, but you would be lying to yourself if you haven’t knocked back a couple of these cold ones on the beach with some hack job limes you chopped up with a plastic knife. I’m actually a little more partial to Pacifico but they didn’t have a Taylor Steele surf video. – Drew

Roche’s Brewing Company – Canoa, Manabi, Ecuador

I’m pretty sure the only way to enjoy this beer is to fly down to Ecuador yourself, but believe me, the little surf town this craft beer is brewed in is worth the trip. I stumbled upon these guys right as they were getting started out of a little restaurant called Cafe Flor and was almost tempted to stay put and help build the brewery. However, my wanderlust got the best of me, but not before I enjoyed the Canoa waves and a few pints of the best beer I’d had in months. (Ecuador really only has 2 beer choices) So, if you make it to Canoa, say Hi for me and challenge the brewmaster to a chugging contest. – Drew

Icy Bay IPA – Alaskan Brewing Company – Juneau, Alaska, USA

When you’re not killing Coronas on a Mexican surf trip, you’re probably enjoying a few of these tasty brews as you chase that swell up to Alaska. Now I haven’t surfed in Alaska yet but I can assure you it’s cold as SH*T, and it’s that same rugged, icy, adventurousness that’s brewed into everything this company produces. I feel like a part time Klondike gold rusher, part time grizzly bear when I drinkAlaskan beer. – Drew

Pale Ale – Sierra Nevada Brewing Company – Chico, California, USA

I’m frothing just typing this little blurb, and I may be sipping on a massive french press, and it may be in the morning, but chances are I will have to crack one open right meow. With the GMO and fructose corn syrup shit that can be pumped into some of our favorite malty beverages, this sexy green label remains true to it’s buyers with simple ingredients and a great story. As we constantly invite people to come stay with us at the Perch and provide the perfect hostel oasis in Hawaii, odds are we will ask in exchange for a cozy place to stay, several Sierra Nevada’s paired with good company. – Jane-O

National Bohemian Bavarian-Style Pilsner – Pabst Brewing Company – Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Crab cakes, Natty Boh and the O’s. If you don’t know, now you know. – Drew

Red Chair NWPA – Deschutes Brewing Company – Bend, Oregon, USA

Beer may come and go here in Hawaii, like a long lost lover we wait for the season to return where Red Chair flows from the taps at our local spot, Tropics, and the beautiful 6-pack awaits us at the grocery store. This beer was a staple in the budding relationship between the OutdoorJunkiez cofounders, and is an easy go to when our love-child-beer hits the market. -Jane-O

Rainier Beer – Pabst Brewing Company – Seattle, Washington, USA

It was always the debate, PBR or Rainier to bring to the house party? Since I was balling on a budget my taste buds went with whatever was on sale back in the college days. But Rainier Beer has a special place in my heart, and my camping chair cup holder. Whether it was shotgun style, or over a few hours, Rainier provided the necessary Northwest love our bodies craved after a hike up to Oyster Dome or floating down the Nooksack. Plus, their catchy jingle was always fun to yell at any given point in the night. -Jane-O

And when ALL else fails? Be sure to pack a good ol’ Smirnoff Ice like this bugger did on a 10-mile little desert hike.