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While our Beer Guy Nick takes a second to finish his beer, I will be telling you about a new favorite from our recent trip to the Northwest.

This particular frothy fav hails from the northern lands of Bellingham, Washington. The Boundary Bay Brewery is a rooted establishment and has remained a humble beer ambassador for the town, Western Washington University, and all those who pass through. Bellingham’s brewery ranks have grown exponentially since we last visited, Aslan Brewery was a recent favorite.

But all new options aside, there’s always ONE beer we have to pay homage to, and that’s Boundary’s Scotch Ale. It was the beer the started it all, liquid memory that brings you back to post Baker powder days and long summer nights. But this isn’t about the Scotch Ale.


This is about their new Cedar Dust IPA. A salute to the mountain trails of the Northwest and the delicious hops that grow there. A culmination of 4 local hops, Cedar Dust’s particular hop character isn’t overbearing or skunky, but a unique blend of citrus and pine, a little resiny even. It’s bitter notes remind me of a rye beer but without the lasting taste. The finish is clean and crisp like a sessionable pale ale. At 6.5% ABV, it’s in a perfect zone for IPA diehards to crush a few fireside or enjoy as a night cap after a day of slaying light beers on the beach. Sh*t it’s good straight out of the tap at the Brewery, so good, we had to bottle it up in one of their growler flasks to take it on the trail with us.

After sampling our mandatory Scotch Ales and loading up on Cedar Dust, we hit one of Bellingham’s coastal trails for a little sunset hipster picnic. There were fine cheeses, northwest strawberries, kettle chips, a chicken, a growler of “Cedar Dust” and then a few extra cans because we should all support cans.


DREW FARWELL is one of the founders of Outdoor Junkiez. He has a fine appreciation of all styles of beverages, from IPA’s to tequila and Arrack to a cruisy pils. He is way better looking than our usual beer guy and we should probably just let Nick go back to making sandwiches at the Kalapawai Market rather than trust him to continue giving us solid beer advice.





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