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What can I say about the Igloo Trailmate Cooler that hasn’t already been said about a Humvee, this baby is a BEAST. The Outdoor Junkiez team recently took it out for a little North Shore R&D to see if this new cooler could handle our beach going shenanigans and keep our beers cold after a long surf session.

The day began in town, provision central, seeing as purchasing supplies up North makes you an immediate victim of unforgivable paradise taxation. Myself and cofounder/wifey Jane immediately knew trouble was ahead when the Trailmate couldn’t fit upright in the back of our micro-volvo/OJz-go-cart. I will lend the fault here to the Volvo but for reference I did say this cooler is a BEAST.

The provisions were standard: more than a few cases of our favorite Maui Brewing and whatever new brew our limited distribution access allows (we live in the middle of the ocean, I consider it a win we have any variety).


Outside of the beer standard, we loaded up on poke, some pickled garlic, more poke, some chips and Andy’s Salsa, as I said the standard. We won’t talk about the bag of fried chicken Jane got to hold us over on the ride up North.

Now this brings us back to that awesome dilemma of not being able to fit the cooler in our car right side up, this was going to be literally, a sideways operation. We pre-load the beast, with a few bags of ice (left in the bags for transport insurance), the beer, the grinds, slapped down the lid and tied it down with a loose surfboard leash. The beast was then laid sideways in the car without even popping the lid or a leak, we were good to go.

Upon arrival to our northerly destination, we joined forces with fellow Junkiez, and cooler enthusiasts, Ian and KP. Ian arrives in his truck and we contemplate why we didn’t call him earlier for the cooler transport; noted. The cooler hits the deck and we max it out, all the beer, ice and assortment of grinds find their way cozily into the cooler. There’s even a nice little basket inside the cooler to put your food in and keep it out of the ice while still keeping it fresh. The cooler comes equipped with hooks on the side for you to lasso your other gear to, so we strapped the chairs on and took off.

The Trailmate handled the modest path to the ocean with ease but we were all silently anticipating its next challenge, the Achilles heal of most remote beach parties, THE BEACH.

The sand was soft upon first entry, the cooler dragged some but its over-sized wheels kept it aloft as we forged on towards the more compact sand at the waters edge. There, it wheeled along effortlessly while small waves brushed it’s side. After careful consideration, we settled and made camp like settlers on a sub-tropical Oregon Trail. The cooler immediately became the focal point as it held our umbrella and its two conveniently placed bottle openers kept our thirst quenched as the surf rolled in.

When it became time to feast, the Trailmate’s handle slid out so we could use the stowed prep table to display our banquet of mixed Hawaiian/Asian cuisine. The BEAST was built for the feast, with all its conveniently stashed add-ons, the meal was seamless; feeding our party of four comfortably.

In addition to all its food and beverage friendly adaptations, it is loaded with other features to help keep you organized. It has a waterproof storage box to keep your keys, phones and wallets out of harms way, additional easy-access storage compartments and, as I stated before, the umbrella holder is also a fishing pole holder. Perfect for the Hawaiian who doesn’t want to leave the comfort of the cooler while monitoring their shore-line.

Long storyshort, this cooler will not only be the envy of all your fellow BBQers but you’ll forget what you did before coolers like this existed. All of its add-ons, storage, gadgets, etc. really keep your site organized, minimalist and stylish. We’ve got friends begging to borrow it all the time now so if you want to give it a try, make sure you reserve it here so we can keep them at bay!

For more info about the cooler, check out Igloo’s product page here.


Drew and The OJz Crew



    144 12-oz cans
    70 quarts (66 liters)
    Ice Retention Days 4
    34.59″ L x 19.7″ W x 23.61″ D
    87.86cm L x 50.04cm W x 59.97cm D
    34.7 lbs


  • Rugged, oversized wheels traverse easily over all kinds of terrain
  • Glide™ “slide-and-lock” horizontal handle technology: provides better leverage and reduces the lifting load by 50%
  • Ultratherm® insulated lid provides extended ice retention and maximum cooling performance
  • Cool Riser™ design keeps contents cooler for longer by elevating away from hot surfaces
  • Built-in bottle opener delivers refreshment at your fingertips
  • Butler tray for convenient preparation and serving
  • Water-resistant dry storage box for keeping electronics and other essentials safe and handy
  • Exterior storage pockets for stashing small items easily

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  1. Aloha,
    My name is Lei and live on Oahu as well.

    I was doing research on this cooler and came across your cool website. Love the reviews/pics on cooler! I Love the idea of using the pole holder for your umbrella. That’s a really nice display of our ono grinds and drinks, promoting Hawaii =)

    Well summer is here and we spend a lot of time at the beach so we are always looking at items to make life easier for lugging all our beach things.

    My husband is determined to get this cooler, he seen it online. Where did you purchase yours from? I have read that some users have had problems with the handle not retracting. Have you come across this problem?

    I am going to check out the rest of your website,
    Looking forward to hearing back from you,

    1. Post

      Aloha Lei,
      Thanks for reaching out. We haven’t had any problems with the cooler and have definitely given it the run around on beaches and the parks. It’s really like a little hummer cooler it’s hilarious…and yes great for packing poke and all kine grinds and brews in one convenient spot.

      So far nobody here on island is carrying it so your best bet is amazon.

      Good luck and happy summer. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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