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Our friends at Venture Hawai’i Movement continue to inspire our OUTDOORJUNKIEZ craving for finding new hikes, waterfalls, and now HIDDEN OCEAN CAVES.

Enjoy drooling over their beautiful videos and photos for an extra kick to get outside. Goodonya Venture Hawai’i, can’t wait to see what you do next.


Note: All photos and story rights belong to Venture Hawai’i Movement, we’re just big fans that like to share their adventures.


Venture Hawai’i Movement (VH): This cave has become a very popular place to visit. Only in the summer time, when it’s high tide, can you swim through the “tunnels”. We’ve been here quite a few times. The last time we went, we swam to the outside of the cave and watched the sunset. It was awesome.



Be sure when you’re in the cave have one hand braced against the reef wall to prevent head injuries!



Jordan Abear throwing up a shaka! It was his idea to come here for the sunset, great idea.


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  1. I am an avid nature lover and outdoor enthusiast. I’m glad you all enjoy these things too. Finding secluded and beautiful places is something I feel we share but I beg you to consider the catch 22 notion of your website. The story on the cave (which I know well) will only make people search it out so that they too can post instagram pictures. There are countless spots you may find in these islands that are as secluded and magical as you and I are looking for but if you post them as you “discover” them and allow people to search them out then you corrupt the very thing that made them so special in the first place. Besides the crowds and wear and tear from over use, it also risks our own access to the Hawaiian lands we love. That cave and similar ones have claimed many lives, as have many of the most beautiful spots around these islands. The more people that go there without someone to pass on the knowledge of how to be safe it’s only a matter of time before someone doesn’t make it out. The resulting restrictions to land access are only growing as liability concerns have mounted over the last years. I’m not suggesting to take down your site. I like seeing pretty hiking and ocean pictures too. I only ask that you consider the implications of each story and photo you post. The kuleana of being a hiker/explorer/ocean lover is that it is our privilege to use and enjoy the land and ocean but it’s our responsibility to respect it and protect it. Your cave story is naively exploititive to that spot and the community surrounding it. If places seem sacred and quiet, please do your part to keep them that way. Mahalo

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