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“The hardest thing in the world is to simplify your life, it’s so easy to make it complex.”
This quote was pulled from a captivating documentary 180 Degrees South, by none other than the creator of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard.


This phrase is amongst several that Yvon drops in with his conversation, that are so basic and relatable, that we sometimes forget what it is all about. We become wrapped up with our daily routine, and enamored by the flickering image of accumulating things to represent a status in society. The people, or the elite I should say, that are in the grocery store magazines and internet sites do nothing but promote this addiction of accumulation. Smell better with this scent, attract women with this deodorant, bright orange is in, red highlights brings out the “sexy in you”, as long as we continue to read and follow to the beat, this is how life will be, complex with other people’s desires and expectations.

Myself and Drew, the creators of outdoorjunkiez have sometimes felt this gravitational pull of societies’ expectations, and we just don’t have the cash flow or desire to be a part of the upgrades and updates. When we start to feel sucked into this warp, we sit down, often with a beer in hand, and remind ourselves of the hobbies that make us happy: surfing, hiking, camping, travel, writing, painting, yoga, and a PNW IPA.

This brings us back to the simplicities, with no more than our hands to count, we have our favorite things that provides happiness and a sense peace. We see this with close friends and coworkers every week, and so we propose a challenge for all of our outdoorjunkiez community, to take the 10 finger challenge, or if you want to make things complex already, the 8 fingers, 2 thumbs challenge. Write down what helps simplify your life, makes you happy, and pulls you away from the stress of other’s expectations.

We present this challenge to our community of friends and family, share this with anyone you may think could use a nudge of encouragement to make an attempt to simplify their life. Maybe it’s OJz themed with getting a little muddy and checking out for a day or two? Do this with a significant other or friend if you feel so inclined, see how it connects or reconnects you with this person. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to take even an hour out of our day to do something for ourselves, or something meaningful with someone else. We want to challenge you to unravel the complex image of things we have and dig into the first outdoorjunkiez community challenge. And if you need a kickstart of encouragement, check out a few of our ambassador’s adventuresand how they choose to explore and release from the day to day march, add this with watching 180 Degrees South which is FREE on Netflix (trailer at the top!) and you’ll feel the good vibez almost instantaneously.

We took up this challenge this weekend to “test” it out. Being able to escape Honolulu and head up to North Shore geared up with a tent, snorkels, camping chairs, hiking equipment, and the ingredients for a few campfire grubs, brought back a sense of fulfillment that lights a fire for the rest of the work week, check out our#outdoorjunkiez photos below.





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