Ah yes, that moment when a potential suitor asks you at your local watering hole, “So what do you?like, do?” And you swivel with a Ron Burgundy suave and say “I’m a published bad ass writer for Outdoor Junkiez,” you take a classy gulp from your beverage, offer a high five, and walk away slowly, leaving said potential suitor(s) stunned and in awe of your awesome-ness.

I don't know how to put this But I'm kind of a big deal - I don't know how to put this But I'm kind of a big deal Big Deal Ron Burgundy

Ok, so that’s not entirely the point of why we want to have our adventurous / wanderlust / gear freak comrades write for us. But we’d like to think it’s a nice perk. We’ve been getting a lot of questions from friends, and people around the world who we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, asking what exactly could they submit to us? And we think that is one of the best questions to ask, so we’d like to take this opportunity to help guide our most common questions and to provide a simple outline to make you sharing your story easy peasy.

Step 1: Pick a favorite adventure, one that is special to you that you’d like the world to experience.


Step 2: WRITE! Get your typing on, don’t worry about length, if it’s too long or short OJz will let you know and we’ll work with you.


Step 3: In your story be sure to add whatever gear you used! We are all about our readers learning about new gear organically through our ambassadors and their stories. Be sure to put your gear inĀ bold so we can make sure the appropriate links are made.


Step 4: ADD PHOTOS! We love the photos just as much as we love your story!


Step 5: Bundle all of this goodness into one email. The story can either be an attachment in Word, or in the body of the email text. All photos need to be in a JPEG attached format.

Step 6: Share, share share. We will get your story out there, and make sure you have 100% of the recognition, so make sure your friends, family, random strangers, your bartender and barista all know you wrote a ridiculously good story. High Fives are free, get a lot of ’em after this.

That’s about it. We do our best to keep this as simple as possible for both you and for us. In time we will be designing some sweet gear ourselves and can’t wait to get those who have written for us some free swag. All of our OJz ambassadors wear the title proud, getting muddy, being happy, and sharing their gear and experiences for others to learn from and become inspired by.

More questions? Feel free to comment below or email