OutdoorJunkiez ABROAD, OJZ NEWZ


What better way to introduce you to the creators of Outdoor Junkiez than to tell of our first adventure together. We both answered the same questions on our own time, see below for the results…

Outdoorjunkiez: What was the game plan?

Jane: The plan was to snowshoe and for me to feel more comfortable as a guide. I was taking a group hiking the next weekend, I guess this was a confidence booster trip. Drew and I went to high school together, have occasionally crossed paths over the years post graduating, but have never “hung out” not to mention just the two of us. He had just returned from a South America surf trip, and I was taking people from our hometown on outdoor excursions. After he was harassed by my mother to get in touch with me, we settled on coffee, which turned into ferry beers, which then turned into a few hours at Ivars in Seattle. We talked over Ninkasi IPAs and one too many oyster shooters to head out the next day and hike in the snow. He literally was the only one able to go, and stoked to go to boot, and I was desperate for a partner in crime. The fact he was kind of funny, very cute, and willing to bring avocados and coffee and Baileys was a huge plus.

Drew:The game plan was vague but captivating; go snowshoeing with Jane Baumgartner from high school. I hadn’t seen Jane since that one time we almost lived together in Bellingham, that’s another story. More detailed, Jane would pick me up from my parent’s house on Bainbridge in the morning, from which we planned to head out to the snowy wonderland called Hurricane Ridge, she was living in Greenlake at the time. I didn’t have snowshoes so I found out Hurricane Ridge rented them to newbs like us and BOOM, everything was set. I then sent Jane off to Greenlake at one of my FAVORITE watering holes, Ivars, we shared a few Ninkasi IPAs and war stories and then parted to our respected parties for the night.

OJz: How’d the morning go?

J:Miserable. Remember those IPAs we had? That was just the tip of the drunken escapade to be had that night. He went back to the Pub and drank on, while I went back to my house in Seattle and did just the same as well. That 7:05am ferry I was supposed to be on turned into a 9:35am rushed hot mess to pick him up and drive the two hours out to the peninsula. He met me at my parent’s house where we loaded up the car, and Stu the dog, as we both were desperately trying to fight / hide whatever hang over that was rolling in. Yep, we had both partied the night before, should’ve been fate right there for the beginnings of a solid adventure. We took my Jeep with no music, aside from the shitty radio, and so began the test of our conversations to uphold.

D: Awesome, I slept through my alarm to about 5 minutes before Jane was supposed to be at my house, not to mention, my head felt like someone had swapped my brain for radioactive waste and someone was scanning it with a Geiger counter. It was then I received a call from Jane explaining she too had a head splitting hangover and was running a bit late. All was good, I grabbed an extra hour of shut eye and began the road to recovery.

OJz:Where’d you grab snowshoes / what gear did you bring?

J: It was damn cold out, and we were about to be in the snow for 6+ hours. I had Lulu spandex on, wool socks from yes, Good Will (they were new, I promise), Volcom snowboarding pants, a Patagonia puffy, an outer shell, gloves, Burton beanie, and the most badass hiking boots ever. We rented snowshoes at the top from the lodge, they were only $15 each. I also packed a backpack with H2O, a couple energy bars, snacks, extra gloves and socks for the ride home, swiss army knife, and my phone mostly for photos.

D:We ended up grabbing snowshoes at Hurricane Ridge’s visitor center, it was there we also found out our furry companion Stewart wasn’t actually allowed on the trail. Like we could leave him in the car, he’s a Great Pyrenees, part polar bear part snowshoe, the guy is built for these conditions. I made a mental note that I would ride Stewart out of the snowy wilderness if things got tough and Jane was eaten by a moose.


OJz:Successful trip?

J: We kicked the hang over (kind of), talked the entire time (I learned he loves to talk, a lot), I pushed him in the snow (definitely too aggressive), he shoved snow in my face (totally flirting) and little did we know it this would become our first date. So, yup. Plus I was able to get my snowshoe feet on, literally, and lead future snowshoe trips confidently.

D:If success means we didn’t fall victim to our hangovers or have to eat Stewart for survival, then yes the trip was a success.


OJz: What happened after the snowshoe trek?

J: What does anyone do after hanging out for the first time and snowshoeing all day? We hung out more, obviously. We parted ways for about 15 minutes before wanting to meet up again, I schooled him in some Cranium and we drank some cheap wine. We planned for a kayaking trip for the next day, in the snow, had bloody marys at the Pub, and then he clubbed me and dragged me over to Hawaii to start Outdoorjunkiez together..what a gent.

D:Well after the trek, I decided I would show off my local knowledge and take Jane to this little hole-in-the-wall crab shack near by called 3 Crabs. It was a little out of the way but the promise of impressing this lady with secret seafood outweighed any detour doubts. Sadly, I had actually never been to 3 Crabs because if I had, I would have learned that this remote crab castle wasn’t open at this hour, better yet, it wasn’t actually open during the winter at all. So much for local knowledge, we settled for free chips and Pacificos at one of Sequims finest Mexican restaurants, probably just a rebranded Azteca. The rest of the story starts getting fuzzy, after the snowshoeing, Jane and I decided we enjoyed each other’s company so much that we would just spend the next week (and following 5 years) drinking and playing strip cranium. Boom.

We decided to spare you from any Cranium photos. But please note that Jane beat Drew, there, it’s now in writing.