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What is success?

Really? For every person it can be measured differently: money, houses, wives, world titles, but for one of my biggest mentors, Kelly Slater, success is simply “getting better”. I like that. It’s intangible and refreshing coming from a guy who is not only the best human ever to ride a surfboard, but has been successful by all traditional means of measuring it: 11 world titles, millions of dollars and passports overflowing with stamps. Listen to his short interview with CNN below and give success a thought as it pertains to your life.

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CNN Interview with Kelly Slater on SUCCESS

Other personal philosophies aside, I think Kelly is who he is because of this freakish drive to constantly improve and be better, it’s what keeps him young and able to push the boundaries of the sport at 42 years old, and I see no sign of him stopping. I may not be a pro-surfer but I think I’ve found the same drive and bliss Kelly is talking about, surfing has an insatiable ability to push personal improvement and test your personal limits and it’s those same lessons and beliefs, amongst others, that are helping drive the creation of this company OutdoorJunkiez. If coding were only as much fun…

Thanks for inspiring us Kelly, keep it up.

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