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After a pretty frothy weekend enjoying tropical storm Howard here in Hawaii. I couldn’t resist a little surf trolling on Surfline to help ease the sting of Monday.


It has also been humid as f*ck since we’ve been back on island so this little ditty from the guys at Two Eyes Film from Iceland is helping keep the mind frosty and the stoke charged.

This short film is not only surprisingly hilarious, like a Game of Thrones mocumentary, but the cinematography is great and there is some surfing.

Iceland is popping up as a mandatory cold water surf destination and it’s easy to see why as its topography is similar to the volcanic slopes and slabs of Hawaii; it just has icebergs. The locals seem pretty hospitable too.

So enjoy this little edit on your lunch break and if you’re feeling antsy to hop in the water here in Hawaii. Check out Aloha Board Shop for some fishes and longboards for the summer slopefest going down right now on Oahu’s South Shore.

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