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Let’s actually “Make America Great Again” and let the Donald and this administration know what we care about Bears Ears National Monument and the environment.

Without getting side tracked by our current political sh*t-storm or the multitude of environmental issues we’re trying to negotiate, let’s divert our attention to an issue we can tackle RIGHT NOW.

The Donald is at it again.  Like all U.S. presidents, he has the power to designate and expand our national monuments. It began with Roosevelt and his designation of Devil’s Tower back in 1906 and was championed by Obama, who saw to the largest expansion and designations of any president. However, in true Trump fashion, he’s looking to “Make America Great Again” by doing the opposite. Now, I said I wouldn’t waste type roasting this administration, they do it just fine themselves.

This is a call to action.

Patagonia has put together an amazing petition, that ends TODAY, that allows you to easily make your environmental voice heard. If you care about preserving the outdoors like we at Outdoor Junkiez do, then join us in sending your comments to the Department of the Interior and letting this administration know we don’t want them f*cking with our national monuments like Bears Ears.


I focused my letter on using Trump’s own slogan to establish the role of the environment in “Making America Great Again.”

Bears Ears and other national monuments are pieces of the larger picture, that being: if we make the environment a priority, we can preserve this planet, create new jobs and grow our economy. This current administration championed this in their political agenda, but rather than developing progressive and sustainable solutions, they’ve ignorantly focused on themselves, trying to revive dead industries and uprooting years of progress.

A focused environmental agenda obviously has many elements, but to use Bears Ears as an example, it doesn’t mean compromising jobs or any of the  current administration’s political “agenda.” It’s actually quite simple. Our national monuments are unique and like no where else in the world. This draws millions upon millions of local and international visitors per year to just SEE and EXPERIENCE these natural places. These visitors bring in significant and sustainable revenue that supports American jobs in managing and maintaining these places. So in the case of Bears Ears and our national monuments, I say the bigger the better and the more the merrier.

The great thing about this “environmental agenda” and designating more national monuments is that the benefits go beyond job creation and growing our economy. It preserves some of the most unique landscapes and wildlife habitats in the world; and we get the pleasure of sharing and exploring them.

When was the last time you saw millions of people lining up to visit and camp in a new oil drilling field. F*cking idiots.

So sign this letter in the spirit of progress and find ways to be active in your local environment. We’ll do our best to keep you tuned in to the issues and organizations and businesses that are fighting for the environment. If interested in keeping in touch, join our community newsletter.




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