|MAUKA DAYZ| Learning to Mountain Bike in Hawaii

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Sometimes the surf goes flat, it’s sad but it happens.


So what better way to pass the time than picking up a mountain bike someone left for us to rent out and taking it down our Hawaiian downhill playground.

Keep in mind i’ve never mountain biked before, well nothing serious that is, so my airs are not that big and the falls not as cool.

The chain came off twice and I had so much mud sprayed up my back it looked like i sh*t my shorts. That said, i’m pretty hooked. The hill behind our house is one of Oahu’s premier mountain bike trails and it’s proper treacherous. It has some fun jumps and banks but lots of roots and lava rocks begging to buck you you off the best suspension.

The Specialized bike i’m riding was left by our friend Jim as a donation to the OJz rental regime and i’ve taken some liberties testing it out. It’s probably a bit small for me but even at my novice level, I can appreciate its well engineered, cushiony suspension and grippy disk brakes. This is all stock by the way. I’m looking forward to drier days and finding some new trails that I can really open up on, so until then, i’ll be washing my shorts and bouncing off guava roots here at the Perch.


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