|WATCH| Nature is OUR Generation’s Yoyo

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This video gives me an uneasy but supportive feeling, there’s a word for it, but for now let’s say i’m perturbed.

I support everything theyre saying in this video, ive always preached that nature can cure most aliments and generally makes you feel good. The Japanese DOhave a word for it, Shinrin-Yoku or forest bathing. Like deja-vu, its ancient linguistic proof that these un-explainable or mystic energies exist and that rubbing up with nature can bring restorative good energy.

Outside of all the good this video preaches, I am perturbed because for some reasonthe guy in this video looks like a kook; like a silicon valley gopher ate the lumber sexual movement. (You can thankCards Against Humanity for that last comment.) Thats pretty much it.

I believe that the more people who get outdoors and experience it at any level: from music festival campingto summiting perilous peaks, those people will be more conscience of their actions in regards to the environment and, hopefully, more inclined to stand up for it when it comes under attack.

This is one of the more holistic goals for Outdoor Junkiez. We aim to inspire and empower people to experience the outdoors and to do so in a responsible and sustainable way.

So I guess you could say were in the business of forest bathing.

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"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air." - Emerson

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