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Lanikai Pill boxes, or what is known as Mr. Obama’s favorite hike, has become a popular adventure for this very reason, the President digs it.


Obama is right on one thing, this is a pretty fun, quick, and view filled hike. Now you just need to ignore the hoards of humans also trying to make the trek alongside you. When we lived in Kailua, this was the perfect morning workout. We would run up, back down, and repeat, finishing at the top for the sunrise. I highly recommend avoiding weekends and mid day, simply to avoid everyone’s favorite Pill Box hiking time as well as the heat. It’s like working at a restaurant and everyone and their mother deciding that 6:30 is the most ideal time to eat…whyyyy? The Lanikai Pill Boxes provide the perfect stoop to look out on the Mokes, and all of the bay. There are some fun spots to do a little bouldering too, however that is your consequential decision to make!

The hike in general is a easy-moderate hike, short in distance and views the entire way up. The first leg of the hike is steep, and if there’s been any rain within 24hours, it’ll turn into a mud slip n’ slide. Once you pass this part, you’ll find organic mud packed stairs that will guide you up to the trail. There are two Pill Boxes, both with spectacular views, and a perfect photo op of the Moks.

Head back down and hop in the turquoise Lanikai water, maybe even get your snorkel on and check out the Parrot fish grinding away at the coral to make that powdery perfection of sand.

As always be mindful when hiking in someone’s back yard. Lanikai has become a popular destination spot, making those who reside in this beautiful nook subject to the car ferris wheel as it’s a one way loop through stunning Mc Mansions. Better yet, rent a bike and head to Lanikai that way and avoid the headache of a 2 mile 30 minute U-Turn. Turn your day into a full adventure and rent a kayak and head for the Mokolua Islands, Outdoor Junkiez has got all your gear needs covered.

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