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Sundays have consistently involved a hike or surf, fussing around in the garden, homemade dinner, enjoying the sunset on the roof, and an hour long hunt to find a decent movie on Netflix. Our search was cut short, thanks to Outside Magazines recent article The 10 Most Underrated Adventure Movies on Netflix.

We now have 10 movies to scout out, our first pick this past Sunday? Tracks.

This movie, based on a true story, is quite similar to the Hollywood famed book and movie, Wild. However, Tracks is hardly as underwhelming as I found Wild to be on the big screen. Both movies came out relatively alongside each other, leaving Tracks in the dust, and Wild to blossom at the box office. As the hurricane begins to roll through, add this to the cue and enjoy the 1,700 mile, 9 month journey Robyn Davidson, played by Mia Wasikowska, takes across the Australian desert. Check out the preview below, Tracks goes nicely with popcorn and anything of the icy cold beverage genre, as the desert scenes might get to you.

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