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Myself and Drew as founders of Outdoor Junkiez consume a lot of caffeine…I mean, an ungodly amount, we’ve got to hike mountains AND stare at a computer for hours, coffee helps with both. So it feels suiting as I sit in a coffee shop, typing away, to share a few personal favorite spots on this island to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new spot to work, or are traveling to Oahu and need to know where to pump your veins with 250mg of coffee, we’ve got you covered. So in no particular order whatsoever, please enjoy our personal favorite coffee spots.



Place of business by day, Whiskey bar by night. This spot not only delivers fantastic coffee, but the prices are amazing as are the staff. This is our home away from home, especially during the sweltering summer months, the A/C, free wifi, and $2 americanos make life sweet again.

Wifi? Oh yes


If you want to geek out over your coffee, check out Sumner’s chemistry creation, “The Curb”. This is the spot you walk into, and strangers instantly become friends, sharing homemade pastries while they hold their mug they brought from home waiting for their cold brew on Nitro refill.

Wifi? No, but if you have your own hot spot there are seats outside where you can get work done. We typically just grab our coffee to go as we head towards the east side.


About once a month, Drew and I will hike from our house, to the back of Manoa. After about 3 hours in the jungle, Morning Glass is just the ticket for a pickmeup. Their breakfasts are out of this world, and as for a drink? Get “The Swamp” or if they’re doing a honey latte, order 3 of those and bring one to me please. Just be warned this place fills up, tourists have found this little gem and we couldn’t be more excited for Morning Glass’ success, we just need to make sure to get there early before the crowds!

Wifi? Yes, but no outlets, make sure your sh*t is charged before you settle in.


Coffeetalk is another great example of a gathering spot, a mixture of students studying, startup husband and wife duos (ahem), and friends getting together to catch up. The whole crew there is awesome, not to mention they make all their own pastries and dishes…banana bread, butter mochi, quiche, what’s left to talk about?

Wifi? Oh yes


For those Kokohead hikers, this is the spot to go after the stair climbing, butt burning Koko hike. Island Brew is on the water, with cushioned seats lined along the waterfront. Again, another great spot to get work done, or to relax with coffee in hand outside. Better yet, get a coffee and a smoothie, ya earned it after becoming the Koko Master.

Wifi? Oh yes


The North Shore Coffee Gallery is always a pit stop for us when we’re in Haleiwa. Mostly because they have a drink called the “Espresso Child” aka Espresso + Ice cream. Always a nice way to end the North Shore trip with something a little sweet and caffeinated for the drive back to town.

Wifi? Yes, but no outlets, make sure your sh*t is charged before you settle in.


This Eastside gem has two options for your coffee needs. The Kalapawai Market, is right next to the beach and a perfect pit stop during a morning beach walk. The Kalapawai Cafe is right at the base of the Pali Highway as you’re entering/leaving Kailua. Both spots have good coffee, dirty chais are always fantastic, and if you’re at the Cafe, you have to pair your coffee with one of their brown buttered chocolate chip cookies.

Wifi? Nope, and we hope it’ll stay that way.


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