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We surround ourselves with communities both big and small, it’s innate. So how do we find the right community? The creators of OUTDOOR JUNKIEZ have been wondering this for over two years now, and we think we’re on to something…


For us, a community forms through discovering passions, testing curiosities, and and connecting with like-minded people, or at least we’d like to think. We are torn now, for as much as we love setting roots in a specific place, there is too much to see and do, so we’re creating a community that provides the best of both worlds.

OUTDOOR JUNKIEZ is a community of outdoor ambassadors with the itch to explore both the wonders of what’s in their backyard as well as half way across the globe. Through stories and experiences, together, we will build a map or guideline if you will, of people to meet, places to go, and see the world like we’ve never seen it before.


Learn about what gear was used to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, the ultimate tent used for extreme climate, the best hole in the wall pub to grab a pint or 3 after white water rafting The Clark Fork River, the most protected sleeping bag while enjoying some winter camping at Mt. Hood, the list goes continues.

We all have a story to share, and we are all ready for our next adventure– So make the new one an Outdoor Junkiez trip, and be a part of a growing community of muddy, lovable, and slightly crazy people that want to hear your story.

We’ll do our part of keeping the adventures organized and easy to map out, and promise to continue adding fresh stories from the most isolated piece of land known as Oahu, Hawaii. We’ll also make sure to read every story sent to us, and to stay connected with our outdoorjunkiez Ambassadors, because you, my friend, are now part of an amazing community.


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