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The Outdoor Junkiez crew heads to Maui to escape the clutches of Babylon aka Oahu.

Don’t get us wrong, in comparison to much of the world, Oahu is paradise. It’s our home and island playground, but sometimes even the temptations of Honolulu fall short in comparison to the raw nature of our outer islands.

Maui we like to consider the “goldilocks” of the Hawaiian islands. It’s not to big, it’s not too small, it really is just right. It has its tourist hubs and commercial side as well but when you get out of those pockets, you find real Hawaii.

The camping is better, the waterfalls are more plentiful, there’s choke hippies, epic surf and just all around good vibes.

But don’t take my word for it, just take a look at the shenigans we got into in our last visit.

For more in-depth review of our stay at the Maui Eco Retreat click here.

Special thanks to:
Cameron McElroy and his family
Glamping Hub and the Maui Eco Retreat
Zeal Optics
and the Isle of Maui.


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