The DAILY line is a high quality, concentrated line-up of FULL SPECTRUM hemp oil soft gels. FULL SPECTRUM hemp oil contains the FULL cannabinoid profile found in the hemp plant. This includes various, targeted concentrations of CBD along with trace amounts of THC (below .03%) and over 150+ other cannabinoids and terpenes. We prefer these soft gels to tinctures because soft gels are consistent in their dosing, making for a more reliable experience. These soft gels are time released as well, allowing for a higher bioavailability in your digestive system. To their namesake, the DAILY soft gels are great for regular use to help manage regular pain, stress and anxiety from living your best life.

Available in 15mg, 40mg and 75mg (10mg, 25mg and 50mg CBD) concentrations so you can set your dosage to fit your personal needs.. All products shipped directly from Panacea's Colorado lab to all 50 states. 


DAILY Soft Gels are:


- 15mg, 40mg and 75mg (10mg, 25mg and 50mg CBD)

- Third Party Tested for Potency and Quality

- Made from Organic US Hemp

- Extracted and Manufactured to GMP Standards by Panacea Life Sciences in Golden, Colorado


This product is a natural supplement and is not designed to treat any illnesses as directed by the FDA. We encourage you to conduct additional research and see if hemp CBD is right for you.

For more info please email info@outdoorjunkiez.com. 

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