This is a unique hemp product in that it's designed to dissolve quickly under your tongue for fast acting relief. The Fast Acting Sublingual Tablet (FAST) works great for helping relieve inflammation and pain from heavy use or old injuries. Great for backcountry trips when you find your knees swelling up, heavy sessions in the surf and times when you need you a little relief from the stress and anxiety of planning your next escape while you're still stuck at the office? 

Available in 35mg (25mg CBD) and 75mg (50mg CBD) concentrations so you can set your dosage to fit your personal needs.. All products shipped directly from Panacea's Colorado lab to all 50 states. 


FAST Tablets are:


- 35mg of Hemp Oil (25mg CBD) and 75mg Hemp Oil (50mg) for FAST Extra

- Third Party Tested for Potency and Quality

- Made from Organic US Hemp

- Extracted and Manufactured to GMP Standards by Panacea Life Sciences in Golden, Colorado


This product is a natural supplement and is not designed to treat any illnesses as directed by the FDA. We encourage you to conduct additional research and see if hemp CBD is right for you.

For more info please email info@outdoorjunkiez.com. 

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