Perusing the internet of things, Jane (new wife and co-founder of OJz) and I stumbled across this year’s big OUTDOOR INDUSTRY, Black Friday, F*CK YOU.

REI most recently sent the consumer world buzzing when they decided to #OptOutside. This was the campaign where REI shut their doors on Black Friday and told people to simply, GO OUTSIDE.

Bloody genius mate.

This move won the hearts of everyone from the: instafamous, hipster, outdoor geeks to the devout, bug eating, wool socked, environmental terrorists. It bonded us all in its anti-consumer, money is bullshit, bold-freshness. I liked it because I believed in it.

Year after year, I watched my fellow Americans turn shopping into a competitive sport, blood thirsty for a deal, it made me ill, still does. Now, just when I thought we were making some “consumer progress” with large companies like REI shutting their doors to the abomination that is, Black Friday, we elected the Donald. It’s hard to say his name, like Voldemort from Harry Potter. and I find it even harder to actually watch his face attempt thought or speech.

Don’t be fooled by his hypocrisy or the media, this ignant bafoon will attempt to dismantle and disregard years of progress, appoint clowns to his cabinet and embarrass us on the world stage. Fortunately, I remain optimistic. There are people, organizations and companies who still fight this bafoonery and stand up for the environment and all that is “good.” So let me bring this back. What do Black Friday and the Don have in common? They fester with ignorance, they’re devoid of responsibility and are unapologetic for the waste they leave behind.

So what does this rant have to do with the outdoor industry?

Add Patagonia, every outdoorsman(woman)’s guilty pleasure. I’m guilty, and  unapologetically married to my pair of “Patagucci” boardshorts. They last forever and if they bust, Patagonia fixes them or recycles the old ones and gets me a fresh pair. Patagonia and its leadership have always been outspoken in their commitment to sustainability and environmental activism. While they’re still a large company with an inherently large environmental footprint, they are very transparent in their actions to responsibly offset their business. This is done through: constant supply chain audits, responsibly sourced materials, creative product development, philanthropy, grassroots activism and overall corporate strategies. Yes, i’ve drank the Kool Aid, but as an evolving environmentalist and outdoorsman, I constantly think about how my choices and lifestyle reflect and support those fundamentals. From the gear and products I purchase to the food I eat and things I vote for.

That is why this year, I respect and will support Patagonia’s Black Friday campaign to give 100% of sales to grassroots, environmental, organizations and charities. I’ll still #OptOutside, but with upcoming, honeymoon, travels to Sri Lanka, I suddenly need to invest in some travel essenstials. So thank you Patagonia for giving me the opportunity to not only invest in some longlasting gear, but further that investment into organizations that are working hard to ensure that there’s still a beautiful natural world left to explore and enjoy your gear in. Thank you for standing up and doing something right.

At Outdoor Junkiez, we #OptOutside as much as we can and advocate that you do the same> CHECK OUT the growing collection of outdoor gear for rent from our community. Also, click here to learn more about Outdoor Junkiez and see the links below for more info from this post.

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