Tentsile Connect Tree Tent

$35.00 / day

7-13 days : -10% on total
14-31 days : -20% on total

The Connect is our two-person tree tent. It comes with a removable fly sheet and offers you and your friend a chance to experience a whole new level of freedom.

This two person Tentsile tree tent offers you and a partner a completely new way to connect to the outdoors. Because the Connect is lighter and more versatile than the Tentsile Stingray, this tree tent is a truly awesome piece of equipment for any adventurous camper. It can be suspended between three trees or other large anchors, such as columns, trucks or boulders.
It features a full insect mesh top with four doors and a removable flysheet for unbeatable views. The rain fly can be pegged outwards to the ground, creating a large 120ft² / 9m² covered porch area to become a multi-story camping base. The fly sheet flaps can also be folded underneath the tent and hooked to each other, creating a second windbreak and an eight centimeter thermal buffer.

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