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SORRY, you still won’t be sponsored for sitting on the couch and trolling Netflix or playing Pokemon GO.


I was told to check this kid (Alex Mason) out from a buddy of mine back in Washington in the hope we knew this slacker and the outrageous 8 line slackfest he took on here in Hawaii.

I don’t know him but now wish I did after seeing what he can do on a slackline in a place a beautiful as Onomea Falls.

Onomea Falls is a well known waterfall that cascades 80ft of jagged lava rock. It offers a shallowish pool for cooling off and apparently a slackline playground as constructed by one of the masters of slack, Andy Lewis.

I’ve just started scratching the surface of slacking; the balancing act is physically demanding, addicting and spiritually rewarding. We have a couple Tentsile hammocks for rent on Outdoor Junkiez and they’re attached by the same straps used for slacklining, naturally my goal is to setup a “Ewok” village of these tree hammocks and walk between them high above the ground with the ease and confidence Alex does, maybe without the fancy flips.

Check out more about this projects rigging and slacklining from the masters themselves at


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