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Indulge in a little summer road trip inspiration with the Outdoor Junkiez founders.

The mission was simple: Take Jane’s old trusty pick-up truck from Bainbridge Island, Washington, rip it down the coast to a friend’s wedding in LA, and then drop it off at Jane’s parent’s new casa in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Keep in mind we’ve been living on Oahu where the longest road trip we often undertake is the 30+ mile excursion to the North Shore; and even that is just “too far” for some people.

The trip we were about to undertake was 3,000+ miles in a Chevy Silverado, packed with miscellaneous house goods, a surfboard, a Tentsile tree tent, a sh*t load of edibles and an ambitious itinerary.

The video will give you a brief overview of the good times while sparing you from all the missed turns, meager waves and an embarrassing wedding cross-fade.

Road tripping is a largely, unavailable art here on Oahu and we indulged this opportunity on the mainland to its fullest.
highlights include:
1. Hitting every brewery we could from Washington to Colorado, maybe too many? Ha, never.
2. Falling in love with the humble town of Yachats, Oregon. Where I scored a quick surf, enjoyed perfect fish and chips, drank mushroom mochas at the Green Salmon, indulged a few beers at the town’s namesake brewery and polished up our bocce-ball game on an uncrowded PNW beach. Honestly, we could have just stayed there and never left.
3. Pretty much meeting all of Jane’s family along the way.
4. Getting a classic LA greeting as we drove into a hillside fire and sh*tty rubbernecking traffic.
5. A beautiful wedding which was basically a minor high-school reunion
6. “NOT” puking in my future in-laws hotel room sink
7. Stargazing in Zion National Park
8. Meeting up with the fam in Fort Collins and realizing it was going to be impossible to try out the 19 breweries in Fort Collins, in 4 days.

Enjoy the video, share it with your road-tripping companions, and comment below with your thoughts. Cheers!




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