Sri Lanka Sunset Hike at Little Adam’s Peak

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Before the pilgrimage of Adam’s Peak, we opted for it’s little brother. Little Adam’s peak it the perfect sunset hike, paired with stunning views of the mountains and a great cafe along the way.

After pinching ourselves and enjoying a cold beer at the Rockside Inn, we were ready to stop staring at the view and find a hike before the sun would set.

We had two options, Little Adam’s Peak or Ella Rock. After talking with the husband who ran the Inn, we decided on Little Adam’s Peak as it was shorter and we were fighting the sun. We packed our day packs and walked from the hotel to the trail head.

This hike is a popular one, expect to see many other travelers on this Little Adam’s Peak at the beginning climbing the stairs. Regardless, it’s a stunning hike that takes you through mountains of tea leaves where women and children pull the leaves and offer photos of them in exchange for a few Rupees. Go past the first little peak to find a few other locations all to yourself.

Little Adam’s Peak gets its name from being the dwarfed version of its bigger brother, Sri Pada or Adam’s Peak. Compacted dirt stairs take you up to the top where the views are 360 degrees of mountains and tea plantations. Odds are you’ll be accompanied by one of the many stray dogs, and I know I know…don’t touch the dogs, but damn they’re the friendliest animals I’ve ever met and make fantastic hiking companions.

We got to the top and noticed the trail keeps going to the left, so obviously we continued on, pushing away from the other hikers who chose to stop at the first peak. The trail continues to three other peaks. The trail gets steep at some parts, but is nothing someone in decent shape and with okay balance can’t tackle. We ended our hike on an isolated stump on the trail, splitting the last of our honeymoon weed. It felt like the best welcome to Ella we could have asked for.

Round trip from Rockside Inn to Adam’s Peak is about 2 hours and is an easy to moderate hike, depending on how far you decide to trek past the first peak. After the honeymoon blunt however, every hole in the ground looked like a cobra den so I called it a day and was ready to get back to civilization and see what this 98 Cafe was all about.




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