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My buddy Eddie shared this video with me and I thought it might be a good share for community. “LAND OF NO USE” takes place in designated Montana powder country and brings to light a land use issue I knew little about. The issue is that of government designated wilderness areas, areas too remote, dangerous and/or essential for wildlife diversity; or areas lacking significant natural resources.

Translated: In Montana’s case, remotely accessible powder playgrounds often full of bears…

But really, these areas exist throughout the US with over 50% in Alaska alone and they represent everything from some some of this countries premiere winter playgrounds to lakes, islands and VOLCANOS. The OutdoorJunkiez Hawaii home has 2 at this time, Haleakala and Volcanos National Park. For me and the makers of this film, it’s clear that there needs to be more advocacy for these wilderness areas, specifically focused on designating MORE of them and proving their significance to “responsible” recreational activities, wildlife and diversity.

So give this a look over, it’s got everything your typical Outdoor Junkie loves; fresh pow, rowdy antics, backflips, wolverines all in the name of saving the environment. Enjoy.

Tips for what you CAN do in Wilderness Areas


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