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You wouldn’t think that on a crowded Hawaiian island you’d be able to carve out some paradise for yourself and a few mates.


But, then again, maybe you don’t have adventurous mates.

Oahu is undoubtably paradise, but the lure of sun-bathed beaches, humbling surf and hospitable locals has attracted more than a few permanent tourists. Myself being one of them. I’m not raised here but I have called it home for the past 9 years and in doing so, made a living of searching out uncrowded places to find some tropical peace and surfing solace.

This recent video is a subtle homage to that peace and the few friends who respect and enjoy it as well. So, unfortunately this won’t be a “TOP 5” or “BEST OF” post so that YOU can find these places. If you know, you know, and if you don’t, go find some. They will be more special when you do.

So enjoy the edit and music. I shot and edited the entire thing from my iphone 6s, which to me is still mind blowing. I like the freedom and minimalist nature of traveling, shooting and editing all from a single device. Sometimes the quality is a bit rough and the editing software on the imovie app is at times limiting but the soul is still there and I didn’t have to hassle with all the equipment and computer time.

That said, I did just invest in some iphone lenses and a tripod, so call me a hypocrite, but I do have enough pride to draw the line at those f**king selfie-sticks.

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