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Before the spring thaws out the rest of that beautiful white fluffy stuff, let us travel back to the beauty of winter. Follow Eddie Snow (conveniently his real name) on his 9-day exploration of the Swiss Alps and all the gear you need for the trip.

We catch up with Mr. Snow fresh out off the cable car at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise (ELEV. 12,739.5′). You can see the Matterhorn looming in the distance.

A humbling spectacle compared to most American’s Disney perception of this iconic mountain, there may be no roller-coaster weaving these pitches but we can’t confirm or deny any Yetis hiding in its caves.

  • Getting ready to paraglide with Phil. Zermatt, Switzerland (ELEV. 10,180′)

  • Flying high above Zermatt with Phil and the Matterhorn off in the distance. Phil is from Australia and heads to the Alps for 6 months a year just to fly…

  • Looking over Zermatt, the Matterhorn is out of frame to the left and Rotham is out of fram to the right. The scope of these mountains are obviously immense.

  • The view from the Sphinx Observatory with the Elgar hidden out of frame.

  • Skiing down to Zermatt and watching the fog roll in over the Matterhorn.

  • The mighty Matterhorn. ELEV. 14,692′

Snow’s journey originated in his hometown of Seattle, Washington and involved thorough gear prep and logistics. The logistics of getting to these remote locations don’t have to be all business however, Snow managed to take some time out to visit his family’s native land of Austria along with stops in Paris, Munich, Interlaken and Geneva – and that one brief step in Italy (see below).

Unless you plan on heading out into spring conditions or hitting the other hemisphere, we realize these gear recommendations might be a little out of season. That said, we find that now is actually the perfect time to invest in winter gear as many retailers and brands are clearing house for their spring lines and discounting their winter gear like crazy. It’s kinda like being really into eating holiday candy, you wait to buy all those Easter Reese’s eggs AFTER Easter because it’s practically free.

SO here’s quick list of gear as vetted and modeled by Mr. Snow for this trip.

If you like this adventure and gear list from Mr. Snow, stay tuned for his next installment from Patagonia and follow him on instagram at @edward.snow. Also if you find yourself on the Swiss-Italian boarder and decide to pit-stop at the Rifugio Guide del Cervino, look for the Outdoor Junkiez sticker by the upper right window.

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